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The Search reveals new upcoming adventure

You've just arrived on a beautiful, unknown world. You have no idea how you got here, or why, but with the aid of messages left behind by a stranger you start to uncover a deeper mystery. The Search, by solo Californian indie developer Jason Godbey, is heavily inspired by first-person adventure classics like Myst and Riven, but with the promise of a "surreal twist".

Following the clues you find and figuring out the purpose of the items you uncover will lead you on a journey through four worlds in a quest to discover a forgotten truth. For all that seemingly sweeping scope, however, it will be a snack-sized experience, taking between half an hour and an hour depending on how much you want to smell the roses and ponder the story, and how good you are at solving the puzzles.

There isn't a whole lot more to go on just yet, but judging by the trailer's gorgeous prerendered environments and serene instrumentals, The Search looks set to capture the same atmosphere of peaceful exploration as its inspirations. Jason is a veteran digital artist, and it really shows; using the familiar slideshow presentation, he's aiming to frame each view like a painting, as if Vermeer or Hopper had decided to make a game. The evidence so far looks promising, with locations ranging from a sunlit pavement cafe to misty woodland paths and a grand house with a vintage patina. Unlike most Myst-style adventures, though, solving the puzzles will depend more on working with your inventory than overcoming obscure mechanical obstacles.

The Search is due to begin on Windows in early 2017, budget-priced to suit its brief length. If you're inclined to investigate further, you can delve into the official website, and vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.

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