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First details burst out for 96 Mill

In EDI Games' upcoming 96 Mill, players are sent in to assist a demolitions expert in bringing down a building with a troubled history of scandal and mysterious disappearances. What could go wrong? If you're an adventure gamer (and you are), here's hoping the answer is "plenty!" when the new horror adventure from the creator of STATIC: Investigator Training is released this fall.

At the eponymous address in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, sits the Edmont Worsted Industrial Complex, a derelict, condemned building with a checkered past of unexplained events since its construction in 1820. Abandoned for the last 20 years, even that hasn't stopped tragedy from surrounding the building, including the presumed death of a firefighter killed during a blaze that brought down part of structure. Adding fuel to the rumour that the old textile mill is haunted, various paranormal researchers have illegally investigated over the years, though their reports have been inconclusive.

But now enough is enough. The city has decided to demolish the building, and engineer Frank Galvani is sent in to prepare for its destruction. As the game's unseen protagonist, it is your job to "assist him in documenting the structure and rigging it for implosion." But as you attempt to carry out your task of mapping and setting explosive devices, you will "begin to unravel several darker plots concerning the history of the mill and related disappearances."

A photorealistic, slideshow-style first-person adventure, 96 Mill will consist largely of "traversing dark, desolate locations, experiencing creepy/scary happenings, interacting with various elements, and collecting inventory items to solve puzzles." Along the way, you will stay in touch with Frank through your handheld communications device.

There is currently no firm release date for 96 Mill, but with Halloween fast approaching, the developer is working hard in an attempt to launch the game before the end of the month.

Details on 96 Mill

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The infamous Edmont Worsted Industrial Complex has a long history of scandal, mysterious disappearances, and unexplained events.

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