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First details spotted for No70: Eye of Basir

There's nothing like the autumn Equinox to bring news of new horror games in production. The latest to add to the nail-biting list is Oldmoustache Gameworks' No70: Eye of Basir, which is due for release early next year.

The game takes place in the titular "No70" house, childhood home of brothers Aras and Erhan, who lived there with their grandmother until her death. Although now in their mid-30s, twenty years earlier the boys experienced some horrifying events in that place that still cause Erhan nightmares. An archeologist who believes his troubles can only be resolved by uncovering its dark mysteries, Erhan returns to the house alone, and disappears without a trace. Fortunately, he first dispatched a letter to his brother revealing his plan. A month later, as Aras, it is now your turn to revisit No70 to find your missing brother and hopefully avoid sharing his fate.

As seen in its gameplay trailer, No70 is a free-roaming 3D exploration of the creepy old long-abandoned house and nearby surroundings. Though the Turkish developers claim there will be some encounters with "creatures" dwelling in the dark, the main focus of the game is its haunting atmosphere as you scour the environment searching for clues, including descriptive notes left behind by Erhan before he disappeared. Crucial to this search is an enchanted glass piece inherited from your grandmother called "Basir", which allows you to see things not normally visible to the human eye.

Currently in production for Windows and Mac with VR support in mind, it'll be closer to spring Equinox than fall before the game is completed, as No70: Eye of Basir is targeting a February 2017 release. PlayStation and Xbox versions are also possibilities further down the line. To learn more about this upcoming horror adventure in the meantime, check out the official website for additional details.

Details on No70: Eye of Basir

Adventure games by Oldmoustache Gameworks

No70: Eye of Basir  2017

Twenty years ago, brothers Aras and Erhan experienced some horrifying events in their grandmother’s No70 house.

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