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Space Geekz delivers on Kickstarter campaign

Interstellar delivery guys, strange locals and radioactive cereal... no, it's not a new episode of Futurama, it's Space Geekz: The Crunchy Flakes Conspiracy, by lone German developer Marcel R. Klapshus. Aimed squarely at the quirky end of the spectrum, this darkly comic tale of galactic kidnap and conspiracy is about as lo-fi and indie as it gets, just barely managing to reach its modest crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter.

Adrian and Till are humble delivery drivers for the Space Geekz Corporation, satisfying the apparently insatiable demand for game consoles and arcade machines. Their clunky old space freighter might not be much, but it's home and life's pretty good. At least, until Adrian wakes up one day with an epic headache to find Till gone and their trusty ship run aground on an abandoned planet. And that's only the start of their problems, as events spiral out of control and they find themselves caught up in a larger plot. Among other perils, they'll have to contend with stock trading cannibals, radioactive crunchy flakes, talking vegetables and the local Honkyfants (whatever they are).

Inspired by titles such as Normality and Toonstruck, Marcel is hoping to keep us up all night stumped by fiendish point-and-click puzzles, 1990s-style. The first-person graphics are simple and blocky pre-rendered 3D, with limited textures, chunky pixels and 256 colours. Spread over more than 80 locations, we're promised entertaining characters, tasteless videogame homage and memes as art. There will also be German voice acting, with English subtitles.

Space Geekz: The Crunchy Flakes Conspiracy is tentatively due for delivery on Windows sometime around May 2017. If you'd like to investigate further, head over to the recently completed Kickstarter campaign for additional details.

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