Will new indie adventure leave you feeling ALONE?

When it comes to videogames, the only thing scarier than being all alone in the dark is the possibility that you might not be. In a new psychological horror adventure from Deceptive Games, that very question is at the heart of ALONE?

ALONE? thrusts players in the first-person role of a man named Sam, who returns to the hostel where he was raised after receiving a troubling letter from his sister, asking for his help. While that's it for concrete story details so far, we know that Sam gets more than he bargained for in his homecoming as he soon finds himself an unwitting captive. Simply surviving the ordeal will become a challenge as you attempt to help Sam "track down [his] missing sister, and discover the strange occurrences happening at the home where he grew up."

Adding to the nightmarish circumstances is the fact the the world will dynamically change around you in deliberately unnerving ways. As you freely explore the high resolution 3D environments, it will be easy to "get lost amongst the darkness", and in order to succeed you must collect items that will aid in your survival along the way. According to the developers, there are four different endings available depending on how events play out.

Although there is no firm timeline for the game's final version, the budget-priced ALONE? is available now for Windows, Mac, and Linux on Steam Early Access. A VR version is also being planned for release on HTC Vive sometime down the line. To follow the game's progress in the coming months, you can learn more at the official website.

Details on ALONE?

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