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Elroy and the Aliens set to land sometime next year

Whoever said slackers never achieve anything might just change their mind after playing Elroy and the Aliens, a point-and-click adventure currently in production by the decidedly hard-working Slovenian developer Motiviti.

Inspired by games like Day of the Tentacle and Saturday morning cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Elroy and the Aliens follows the story of the eponymous protagonist, a consummate slacker and aspiring scientist who stumbles upon a plan by aliens to destroy the Earth. It will be up to players to help Elroy and his sidekick Peggie, who first told him of this diabolical plan, get to the bottom of the conspiracy and hopefully prevent catastrophe.

As the screenshots and trailer vividly illustrate, the developers have confirmed that the art and “most of” the animation will be hand-drawn in a colorful cartoon style. Likewise, the music will be produced in-house as well. Played from a third-person, 2.5D perspective, the game is being optimized for a touch-screen interface while also supporting mouse controls. Players are promised a story full of slapstick humor and a variety of puzzles to solve along the way, ranging from “touch-friendly full screen” challenges to more traditional adventure game fare such as logic and inventory puzzles. In addition, there will be some mild action-based “running” sequences in which Elroy must dodge obstacles in his path while moving along a pre-determined course.

The release plans for Elroy and the Aliens are extensive, with Motiviti planning initial launch sometime in 2017 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, with a concurrent PlayStation Vita version also possible. This will be followed by an as-yet-unspecified arrival on iOS and Android platforms. For more information about the game in the meantime, check out its official webpage.

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