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RiME priming for 2017 launch with new publishers

Ever since its stunning debut announcement as a PlayStation exclusive back in 2013, RiME has been one of the more highly anticipated titles for fans of open world adventures. And yet with so few updates in the last couple years, is there cause for concern that the project has been shelved? Not so! In fact, the game is gearing up for a 2017 release, this time across multiple platforms with a couple of new publishers in tow.

RiME is a "puzzle adventure game" starring a young boy who finds himself stranded on a mysterious island after being shipwrecked in a terrible storm. That's about it for story specifics so far, but exploration will be key as "players must use their wits to decipher the challenges and secrets of an expansive world strewn with rugged terrain, wild creatures and the crumbling ruins of a long-forgotten civilization."

Created by Tequila Works, RiME has a presentation similar to the highly-acclaimed Journey, featuring a "subtle narrative, colorful cel-shaded artwork and a sweeping score". Players can freely explore the 3D island, and its "dynamic" puzzle-soving means that "you are integral to how puzzles are solved and with the help of a mysterious artifact you can manipulate the environment and even time itself."

The bad news about RiME is that we won't be seeing the finished game until sometime in 2017. The good news is that Grey Box and Six Foot will now be joining forces to publish it when the time comes. And with Sony no longer the driving force behind the game, we can now expect to see it on more than one platform, though specific details won't be revealed until early next year.

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