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The Mystery of Woolley Mountain peaks on Kickstarter

Imagine for a moment that an evil witch has kidnapped a group of innocent children. Who would you send to the rescue? The police? A passing action hero? A time-travelling scientific pop group? The answer's obvious, at least according to British developer James Lightfoot and his "otherworldly" adventure The Mystery of Woolley Mountain, which has successfully met its Kickstarter campaign target. 

The plot reads a lot like what would happen if you mixed Buckaroo Banzai, the Beatles' Yellow Submarine, and a raft of classic point-and-click adventures, then simmered them over a low heat to really bring out their full quirkiness. Vandamme Laudenkleer, adventurer, multi-instrumentalist with The Helmholtz Resonators, and the first to uncover the witch's despicable actions, sets off alone for the her lair atop Woolley Mountain. Problem is, also being a bit of a duffer, he promptly gets himself captured and it's up to the rest of the band to hop in their time-travelling Crystal Submarine, overcome their many and varied personality flaws, and save both Laudenkleer and the missing children.

Namechecking everything from Day of the Tentacle and Discworld to The Phantom Tollbooth and Adventure Time, Lightfoot aims to combine "the halcyon adventure game days" with thoroughly modern HD cartoon graphics and a ten-track concept album from The Helmholtz Resonators. You play as several different characters over "three huge acts", in which you’ll encounter various beasts, automatons, ropemen and other strange creatures. We're also promised interaction with almost anything in the world to elicit a wide variety of unique reactions. It's a family-friendly game, too, the characters' stiff upper lips precluding more than the odd "darn" at times of high emotion. Unfortunately, a stretch goal to provide full voice acting was not met.

Having raised almost £10,000 through crowdfunding, The Mystery of Woolley Mountain is due to rock out on Windows and Mac in October 2017. If you'd like to explore further, why not saunter over to the official website or help the game get voted in on Stream Greenlight. Better yet, a playable demo is available through the game’s Kickstarter page to check it out for yourself.

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