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The Uncertain looks like solid bet to debut next month

We've all heard the sci-fi stories about mankind creating sentient machines that eventually overrun their makers. What seems far more realistic, however, is that mankind wipes itself out and any artificial lifeforms remain to pick up the pieces. This is the premise behind The Uncertain, a three-part episodic adventure set to debut next month.

The series' first episode, The Last Quiet Day, stars an engineering robot named RT-217NP. In this post-apocalytpic world, the human race has long since exterminated itself through military conflict, and since then the artificial lifeforms have created a utopian society ruled by logic and free of emotional chaos and unpredictability. The only reminder of our existence are the objects we've left behind for the machines to find and utilize for their own purposes. But RT-217NP is very curious about our bygone civilization, and the more he learns the more he begins to realize that the whole truth is being concealed. Now he finds himself confronted by "moral" choices in a world where morality is an outdated concept.

The Uncertain is a third-person adventure with realistic 3D graphics, as seen in the first episode's screenshots and trailer. Although described as a "story-driven" experience, players will be required to test their skills and solve diverse puzzles in order to succeed. But you'll also need to make "fateful decisions" that will impact the "presence and behavior of the non-player characters" later in the game and lead to one of several different endings.

Although there are three episodes planned in total, indie Russian developer ComonGames says that each installment will tell a largely self-contained story. The series debut is set to launch on September 22 for PC, with iOS, Android, PS4 and Xbox One ports to follow later on. To learn more about The Uncertain, visit the series' official website for additional details.


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