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Excuse us, but Don’t Disturb is coming soon

If these are the dog days of summer (for many of us), then what better time to announce the forthcoming arrival of Don't Disturb, an Asian-flavoured 2D puzzle-adventure starring a canine experiencing life after death.

Don't Disturb is an exploration of the afterlife and its underworld as recounted in Asian folklore, which decrees that one isn't to sing, play or cause a disturbance of any kind during a funeral. The game casts players in the third-person... uhhh, third-dog role of a loyal pet whose owner has passed away. As you make your way to the "Bridge of Helplessness" in search of your former master, you will need to "solve many puzzles and make it through unexpected encounters" along the way. In doing so, you will be forced to make decisions that will determine the final outcome.

Like its story, the game's hand-painted artwork and music are heavily influenced by Eastern culture, as evidenced by the first screenshots and trailer released. Players will control the protagonist via keyboard as you "converse with the underworld's denizens to complete tasks and learn tales."

There is no firm release date scheduled for Don't Disturb just yet, but the game has been Greenlit on Steam and is nearly ready for launch, so you can look to get your paws on this one "soon" on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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