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The House of Da Vinci opens to public this fall

If there's just one person's house you could get permission to freely rummage through for a little puzzling adventure, you couldn't go wrong choosing Leonardo Da Vinci's in 1506 Florence. And thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, that's exactly what we'll have a chance to do this fall when The House of Da Vinci is released.

Of course, this being an adventure game, you don't actually have permission, but as one of Leonardo's most promising students, you take it upon yourself to snoop around anyway when the famed artist and inventor mysteriously disappears. Perhaps he's the victim of "one of his amazing inventions [going] haywire" or maybe the "shadowy assassins from the Church" are responsible. Only by thoroughly exploring the Master's workshop and solving the many puzzles you discover will you find out where he has disappeared to and why.

Indie developer Blue Brain Games is promising a detailed, historically authentic recreation of Leonardo's quarters to explore. With a game design similar to The Room series of popular puzzlers, in order to succeed here players will need to "navigate through his workshop, examine his anatomical and architectural models, escape from rooms you find yourself trapped in, and solve riddles, mechanisms and puzzles inspired by Da Vinci’s actual inventions and concepts." And playing in the background, even the soundtrack will provide a realistic recreation of the era's music.

With 2,391 backers providing £43,600 of crowdfunding through Kickstarter, Blue Brain can now complete the project they've been working on and self-financing for some time already. In fact, the finished game isn't too far off, with a projected release date for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices this October. To learn more about the game while you wait, be sure to drop by the official website.

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