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Lucius “demade” in retro 1980s style

Leave it to the devil to do everything backwards. While everyone else is busy modernizing games and movies with updated remakes and reboots, the supernatural thriller Lucius is going in the opposite direction with the release of a "demade" version in full 1980s retro style.

The plot of Lucius Demake is just as disturbingly unpleasant as the 2012 original. Players control the titular six-year-old son of Satan in orchestrating "accidents" to kill off the other residents of Dante Manor, often in brutal fashion. Given your unique heritage, you have supernatural abilities like telekinesis and mind control at your disposal, but you'll need to keep your involvement a secret in order to conceal your identity (the finest trick of the devil is to persuade people he does not exist, after all).

Whereas its predecessor was a realistic, free-roaming HD adventure, the new version of Lucius is anything but. Inspired by the mock-up artwork of series fan Gergely Sinko, indie developer Shiver Games decided to hire Sinko to redo the entire game in "uncinematic" 2D pixel art with only 16 colours. The game still features a full-length story (taking 5-8 hours to complete) and an open world to explore, but this time the sprawling manor is presented from a near-overhead perspective. Each chapter promises to follow the formula of the original, apart from "a few instances where you’ll get a more authentic '80s arcade style experience" to better suit the retro design.

Lucius Demake is available now for PC download on Steam. The gameplay trailer shows off the game in action, and you can learn more at the official website.

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