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The Artifact uncovered on Steam Greenlight

If there's one certainty in sci-fi adventure games, it's that if you're an astronaut entering cryosleep, you're destined to wake up alone and in trouble. This axiom will soon prove true once again in the upcoming adventure The Artifact.

The Artifact puts players in the role of a doctor who – you guessed it – awakens from stasis to find that the crew has vanished without a trace, leaving the spaceship entirely abandoned. In their place is a "strange alien device" that is surely connected with their disappearance. Along with figuring out what happened to your colleagues and how to get out of this mess, you must also also confront the mystery of how to unlock this artifact's secrets to reveal its true power.

Rendered in first-person 3D, The Artifact is described as an escape-the-room game, though as the early screenshots and trailer can attest, the "room" in question is a fair-sized spacecraft full of high-tech gadgetry and "head scratching puzzles"  to solve.

Created by indie UK developer Enigma Games. The Artifact is well along in production already, with a target release planned for later this year on PC. In the meantime, you can help support the game by voting for it on Steam Greenlight.

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