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All Haze Eve illuminated by Steam Greenlight

Halloween may seem like a long way off, but it's never too early to start anticipating the kind of tasty holiday adventures we're treated to each year. The first such game to reveal itself for 2016 is indie developer xrrawva's upcoming All Haze Eve, which is currently seeking support on Greenlight.

While story details are scarce so far, All Haze Eve sends players out into a "monster-filled" Halloween night in response to a "mysterious invitation" with the most appropriate of quests: the search for a special treat. In keeping with the holiday theme, you'll need to rely on your special abilities, initially limited to "knock, ask, trick and take" in order to attain your ultimate prize.

The creation of just one man, All Haze Eve is a first-person adventure featuring a minimalist, largely black-and-white aesthetic, as displayed in the game's early screenshots and trailer. Movement through the 3D environments will be handled either through keyboard or gamepad controls. With an expected play time of only an hour, it shouldn't take long to get through the five main atmospheric areas, though you can explore at your leisure, collecting items and interacting with twenty characters encountered along the way.

With production on All Haze Eve already complete, the game has a firm release date for Windows and Linux scheduled for October 1st. In order to help it be launched on Steam that day, you can support the game through its Greenlight campaign.

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