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Mystery of Rivenhallows revealed on Steam

Poor orphans. As if their familial losses weren't bad enough, nothing ever seems to go right for them in the orphanages, at least in popular entertainment media. This tragic reality is true once again in the newly-released Mystery of Ravenhallows, and it's your job to figure out what happened to the children who have vanished without a trace.

Rivenhallows is the name of the particular orphanage in question, which was "a once peaceful and happy place until disturbing events shook its foundation." When children began mysteriously disappearing, the authorities investigated but were unable to solve the case. As a former orphan yourself, you must take it upon yourself to return to the mansion you once called home to uncover the orphanage's darkest secrets and determine once and for all what became of the missing children.

Described by indie Mexican developer EnsenaSoft as a game "full of surprises, challenging puzzles, cryptic clues, secret passages and ghosts", Mystery of Rivenhallows is a classic-styled first-person adventure that requires thorough exploration and observation of the mansion's many rooms. It's not a long adventure, but "only by reaching the very end will you unveil the terrible truth to the shocking events that eventually shut down the orphanage."

If you're up for a little puzzle-solving and detective work, you can venture into Rivenhallows Orphanage right now on Windows, as the game is already available on Steam.

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