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The devil is in the details of Lupus in Fabula launch

Normally the thought of getting lupus would be a terrible thing, but not when it's Lupus in Fabula, a surreal new indie adventure that has just launched for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Lupus in Fabula is a historical game, but certainly not the kind you'll read in history books. As the result of a "failed magical transport", two characters now find themselves trapped in "Flemish Renaissance mixed with glitched medieval times." What's worse, the "unfortunate duo must escape a series of dungeons while being threatened by ungainly bestiary populating the world around them." All the while, they are being watched not only by a raven that appears to very interested in their plight, but also by an "alien duo, one dressed up as French Philosopher Voltaire and the other as Venetian Renaissance painter Tiziano."

Created by indie developer Spitoufs, Lupus in Fabula will take place across 21 "levels", the first 20 of which take place in self-contained dungeons before the story concludes in a nearby village. Described as an "adventure game with puzzle/action elements" (the latter consisting of a little light fist-work in places) and controlled via either keyboard or gamepad, the "story, characters and places are heavily influenced [by] everything from images of Lost in Space, Black Adder or Monty Python to words from the likes of Gargantua & Pentagruel & Decameron and strokes from painters like Pieter Brueghel, Van Eyck coupled with medieval superstitions, scriptural references and bestiary catalogs." All that wonderful weirdness is supported by the collage-style graphics that add even more surreal atmosphere to the game.

If you like what you see and hear, the best news of all is that Lupus in Fabula is already available for purchase through itch.io. The developer is currently seeking Greenlight support to launch the game on Steam as well.

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