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Detective Hayseed on the case in Hollywood later this year

"And the winner is... We don't know."

What kind of award announcement would THAT be on Oscar night? But that's exactly the crisis facing the Academy when its list of winners is stolen, and that's only the beginning of their problems. Luckily for Hollywood, Detective Hayseed is on the job in his own self-titled adventure coming later this year.

As part of a "nefarious plot to overturn the established Hollywood order", the list of Oscar winners has disappeared and it's up to the "legendary" Detective Hayseed (after he wakes up) to find and stop the culprit before he carries out his threat to blow up the ceremony. But this is Tinseltown and Hayseed's madcap investigation will be anything but normal, as along the way he'll need to perform all sorts of odd tasks like freeing a space captain and drugging piranha with Xanax to succeed.

Detective Hayseed: Hollywood is a traditional third-person comic adventure with "cartoon animations over painted backgrounds." The story promises to include plenty of jokes for all ages, including a wide variety of humorous pop culture references (and some familiar faces, as seen in the first screenshots and trailer released). Gameplay will involve classic genre staples like logic puzzles and "persuading a series of game characters to perform tasks so as to provide the vital information. Some require manual dexterity, others a MacGyveresque ability to assemble complex equipment from assorted parts."

Created by Czech studio Zima Software and published by mamor games, there is no firm release date yet for Detective Hayseed, but it's not too far off as the developers are targeting a third quarter PC release. In the meantime, you can help support the game by voting for its Steam Greenlight campaign.

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