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First seeds sown for absurdist comedy Maize

We all know by now that creating sentient machines can only lead to disaster. But what about sentient corn? As bizarre as that possibility sounds, we're going to find out later this year when indie Canadian developer Finish Line Games completes its home-grown production of Maize.

There wouldn't even be any thinking, talking corn if two scientists had not misunderstood their instructions. But what's done is done, and now players must "explore the desolate farm for clues to the past, venture deeper into the underground research facility, and make a few…colorful friends along the way, including a grumpy Russian knock-off of the most technologically advanced toy ever created: Teddy Ruxpin."

If all that sounds too zany to be true, then you're getting the right idea. Described by the developers as an "absurdist comedy wrapped in a first-person adventure with no shortage of weirdness", the game promises to channel the "elements of Monty Python and the funnier episodes of the X-Files". Along the way, players will discover a "cornucopia of highbrow puzzles to solve" throughout an American Heartland environment wrapped up in slick-looking 3D wrapping.

There is currently no firm target date for Maize, but we can expect the harvest to occur on PC sometime later this fall. You can follow its progress through the final stages of growing season through the official website.

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