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Sol705 campaign

Willy Morgan’s treasure hunt to embark next year

Pirates and point-and-click adventuring have been a perfect match ever since the days of Monkey Island. Now indie Italian developers imaginarylab are hoping to continue that trend with their upcoming title Willy Morgan, a  game featuring humour, a cartoon look and twisted perspectives reminiscent of the LucasArts classics. 

In 1699, so the story goes, infamous pirate Captain Kidd and his ship the Adventure Galley were being hunted down by the English and Spanish when they disappeared off the American coast. Two years later, Kidd himself was found and captured, but of his ship, crew or hold full of booty there was no trace. As is traditional, he took the secret of the ship's location with him to his grave, and people have been searching for it ever since. People such as Willy Morgan's father, famous archaeologist Henry Morgan, who disappeared himself under mysterious circumstances a decade ago during a family holiday-cum-treasure hunting expedition in the ominously-named Bone Town.

Time passed, as time tends to do, and Willy got on with growing up without a father as best he could. At least until a strange letter arrived, ten years late, stirring everything up again and sending him back to the location of the ill-fated holiday to find out what happened, and maybe even track down the Adventure Galley. 

Further story details are sparse for now, but the game will have pre-rendered graphics, all stylistically “deformed” with curves and bulges and odd angles. Although the early screenshots don’t show any characters, the final version will feature Willy as the third-person protagonist. The developers promise at least 50 locations to explore and 15 NPCs to interact with, as well as a mix of linear and non-linear puzzles to solve.

If the weather stays fair, Willy Morgan will set sail for Windows, Mac and Linux sometime in 2017, with the possibility of mobile and console platforms down the line. If you want to investigate further, you can head over to the official website

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