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LUNA ready to shine after Kickstarter success

While the days of $3 million-plus Kickstarter campaigns may be over for adventure games, the popular crowdfunding platform continues to be a boon for smaller indie developers. Just days after the successful close of Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure, now Lantern Studio's LUNA: The Shadow Dust has followed suit.

Although very few story details have been released so far, LUNA casts players in the dual roles of a young boy and his spherical cat-like critter companion as they attempt to restore balance to their world. At the edge of that world is an ancient tower filled with puzzles and challenges to be overcome in order to ascend its heights and ultimately discover "the darkest secret beyond the tower itself."

The game features stylish hand-drawn backgrounds, but even more impressive is the traditional frame-by-frame character animation. And with two playable characters, there's double the animation normally required. Both characters will be necessary to proceed, as the developer also promises "double the difficulty" with puzzles that will test "not only your logic...but also your reaction speed, music sensibility and, most importantly, your imagination."

Thanks to the 1,110 backers who pledged £17,570 to the game's development, if all goes well we can hope to see LUNA: The Shadow Dust released for PCs, iOS and Android devices as early as next summer. To help ease the wait, a demo is already available, either playable in your browser or downloaded for either Windows and Mac from links available on the Kickstarter page.

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