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Remember The Forgotten Room this spring

There seems to be no slowing down Glitch Games. Hot on the heels of their recently-released A Short Tale comes news of the indie UK developer's next adventure, The Forgotten Room.

While very few details have been revealed so far, The Forgotten Room puts players in the gumshoes of a detective investigating a missing person's case. The trail leads to a mysterious house, and naturally this is where "things start going downhill."

Just like the developer's previous titles (including the mobile-exclusive Forever Lost series), The Forgotten Room is a first-person adventure with pre-rendered graphics and intuitive point-and-click (or tap) controls. As demonstrated in the early screenshots and teaser trailer, the game will be steeped in dark, haunting atmosphere.

There is no firm release date quite yet, but The Forgotten Room is charging hard towards Windows, Mac, iOS and Android release later this spring.

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