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Agatha Knife carving a path to October release

Last year, an unheralded little adventure called MechaNika introduced adventure gamers to Mango Protocol's offbeat, appropriately twisted "Psychotic" world, a meta setting in which the indie Spanish developer has plans for multiple stories. The next such adventure to take place in this world is Agatha Knife, a spin-off prequel of sorts, taking place before the events of its predecessor with a new lead protagonist.

Agatha is an insomniac, but she has much bigger problems than merely trying to get to sleep. You see, she loves animals but she also enjoys eating meat. To make matters worse, she works in the slaughterhouse of her mother's butcher. Struggling to reconcile killing the animals she loves to eat the meat she craves calls for creative solutions that will "make her animals happy while they surrender with no fear to the adorable little butcher and her sharp knives and saws." In doing so, Agatha goes about creating her own religion called Carnivorism.

Sound a little psychotic? Then you're getting the picture. And speaking of pictures, the new game features the same deceptively cartoony graphics that belie this series' surprisingly dark narrative untertones. Both MechaNika and Agatha Knife are ostensibly about children, but they are decidedly not children's game. Those who have played the earlier game will recognize Agatha as one of the key characters in "Nika's plan to build her ultimate weapon to destroy all the uncool things in the world", but it is not necessary to play that game to enjoy the new one, which is set before the events of MechaNika.

There is no firm timeline for Agatha Knife just yet, but if all goes well we could be seeing it as early as September or October on PC, Mac,and Linux. In the meantime, for a glimpse of the developer's "Psychotic Adventures" in action, including both MechaNika and Agatha Knife, check out the series video on YouTube.

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