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Angels of Deception trilogy debuts on iOS, honest!

How long has it been since you stumbled upon your last global conspiracy? Are you itching to find that apparently-innocuous thread that will unravel it all? Indie developer Henry Watson feels your pain, and is aiming to satisfy that thirst for arcane knowledge with Angels of Deception. The first part of a planned trilogy has just been uncovered in iOS devices to tickle your inner George Stobbart.

In Angels of Deception, Blake Turner is a British journalist investigating a break-in at a lesser-known London museum. Naturally, things aren't as simple as they seem and he soon becomes entangled in the sinister machinations of the Phantom Brotherhood and their attempt to seize control over all of humanity. And we all know what that means: it's up to you to save the world. Again.

The game features a static Myst-style slideshow presentation, but with an aesthetic inspired by graphic novels, as displayed in the game's screenshots and trailer. Inspired by the genre greats from the 1990s but designed from the ground up for handheld devices, it also promises to include intuitive touch controls.  

Angels of Deception: Part I is available now for both iPhone and iPad on the App Store, with the next installment expected to take about a year, adding even more puzzles to expand on the debut episode's gameplay.

Details on Angels of Deception: Part I

Adventure games by HW Productions

Angels of Deception: Part I  2016

In the iOS debut of this planned trilogy, Blake Turner is a British journalist who, while assigned to investigate the break-in of a small London museum, finds himself entangled in the sinister plot of the centuries-old Phantom Brotherhood to seize control of all of humankind.

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