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Non-linear 3D adventure Eastshade rising in early 2017

Adventure games have long lagged behind RPGs in creating big, beautiful, non-linear 3D worlds to explore, but the genre is starting to catch up, with another promising new one on the horizon in Eastshade.

Eastshade casts players as a traveling painter exploring the titular island. Rather than any grand world-saving goals, your task is simply to "capture the world on canvas using your artist’s easel." In order to fully "discover mysteries and uncover secrets about the land", you must acquire the items and schematics needed to overcome the island's environmental obstacles. But what you observe you also change, as along the way will get to know the island's inhabitants, befriending some and assisting those who require your help. This is an island "filled with many little stories", and your choice of both actions and dialogue will impact the dynamics within this remote community.

As seen in the first screenshots and trailers unveiled (including one that shows the painting mechanic at work), Eastshade features some jaw-dropping 3D landscapes. This isn't merely window dressing, however, because as an artist you can "compose paintings anywhere in the world and offer them to characters to gain items, knowledge, and unlock secrets." While this is the first game from fledgling indie developer Eastshade Studios, the team is no stranger to such open-world environments, having been founded by artist Danny Weinbaum after this work on the acclaimed action-adventure Infamous: Second Son.

There is no firm target release date yet for Eastshade, but we could be exploring this beautiful island adventure on PC as early as next year. In the meantime, you can learn more about the game at the official website and through the developer's blog.

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