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Royal Trouble returns in iOS-exclusive sequel

Bickering protagonists Prince Nathaniel and Princess Loreen barely escaped the first round of Royal Trouble back in 2010. Now they're back as newlyweds, but there's no happily ever after for them, as trouble finds them again in the casual adventure sequel Hidden Honeymoon Havoc.

Following a magnificent royal wedding, Nathaniel and Loreen anticipate an equally wonderful resort honeymoon, but their plans take an abrupt turn for the worse when they "decide to make an ill-fated detour to the Merry Castle, touted for its rollercoasters and magic tents. Who would have known it was another trap that will land them in hot water yet again?" Can they survive their new ordeal, and just as importantly, can their short-lived marital bliss withstand the pressures of the obstacles that now confront them?

As seen in the game's screenshots and trailer, Hidden Honeymoon Havoc uses the same whimsical art style of the original. And once again, players will alternately control both Nathaniel and Loreen as you "explore the castle, pick up useful items, solve tricky quests, help other captives and play witty mini-games while making your escape."

Available exclusively on iOS platforms, Royal Trouble: Hidden Honeymoon Havoc can be downloaded free from the App Store with the full game unlocked through in-app purchase.

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