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The Land of Lamia now open to visitors

In 2013, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons took the adventure gaming world by storm. Not to be outdone by the dual boys' act, now it's brother and sister Thomas and Lily's turn in a somewhat similarly styled game called The Land of Lamia.

Thomas is eight and Lily six when they both awaken one morning to discover that they've been teleported to a strange world overnight. As they look around, they see that "odd looking plants have grown through the floor while [they] slept and an unsettling fog surrounds [them]. Outside [they] see a complicated path, and massive creatures made of stone." The place seems eerily familiar to a story they've read many times before. Sure enough, when Thomas pulls down a book called "The Land of "Lamia" from the bookshelf, he quickly flips to the chapter that describes their current surroundings. Now they must read it again, not merely for entertainment, but to "start looking for clues about how to survive."

In this "short story-driven puzzle game", each 3D area of The Land of Lamia has its own accompanying illustration and book description that players must reference to discover the secrets of this unusual world and overcome its obstacles. As you "learn about why you're there and what eerie presence may be watching you", along the way you will control both Thomas and Lily simultaneously using a "unique control mechanic" that caters to their different speeds and abilities.

If you like what you see of this sibling adventure, the best news of all is that you can dive right in, as The Land of Lamia is available now on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux.

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