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Surreal puzzler Mr. Shadow unveiled on Steam Greenlight

Every child knows that there are monsters lurking in the dark at night. But so long as you keep yourself protected under the covers, those are just fears that can't really hurt you, right? Right??!! Well, not so fast, says indie Spanish developer bycomb in their upcoming adventure, Mr. Shadow.

Mr. Shadow thrusts players into the shoeless onesie of a young child afraid of the dark. Unfortunately, this fear manifests itself physically as Mr. Shadow, the Lord of the Shadows, who is able to absorb colour and raise more shadowy figures from the darkness. In order to recover the light stolen from you, you will need to enter into the shadow world to face your fear head-on.

The early screenshots and trailer show off the game's cartoon artwork that juxtaposes the grim subject matter of this surreal world. In the "journey through dark and dreamlike scenarios", players will encounter a variety of diverse characters to interact with and "interlocking puzzles" to solve.

There is currently no firm release date set for Mr. Shadow, but bycomb is targeting completion of the game for PC, Mac, and Linux sometime in the second quarter of 2016. You can follow the game's progress in the meantime through its official website, and can vote for it to be released on Steam through its Greenlight campaign.

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