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Yeehaw! Slap Village open to visitors early next year

We don' get many westerns anymore in these here parts, but y'all'll be happy to know that's go'n change next year when Slap Village comes to town.

Slap Village doesn't exactly represent the Wild West as we know it, mind you. Rather, the creation of Spanish developer Monkey Toons is a humorously anachronistic world full of traditional western elements mixed with more modern technology and practices, where classic saloons and outlying native teepee encampments exist alongside steam trains, zeppelins, and all-you-can-eat restaurants. All this is presented in cartoony hand-drawn animation, as seen in the game's early screenshots and trailer.

Any teenaged girl would face a difficult time growing up in the North American west, but for the brave Lurditas and her pet mouse Rasta the obstacles are more unusual than most, including the likes of "energetic conspiracies, alien contact [and] occult practices." In overcoming these challenges, players will need to guide Purditas through a variety of puzzles and minigames that range from pig racing to feet wrestling, along with the usual point-and-click staples of exploration, item collection, and character interaction.

While there's no firm release date scheduled yet for Slap Village, Monkey Toons are targeting completion for PC, Mac, and Linux sometime in the "first term" of 2016. In the meantime, the game is seeking support on Steam Greenlight.

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