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History in Letters: The Eternal Alchemist opens on Steam

The philosopher's stone is one of the most enduring artifact myths, but no one – at least in modern times – has come close to finding the alchemical rock able to turn metal to gold and bestow eternal life on its possessor. But now adventure gamers can take up the pursuit themselves with today's release of History in Letters: The Eternal Alchemist.

According to legend, Nicolas Flamel was an alchemist who found the fabled philosopher's stone more than 600 years ago. Modern scholars dismiss this posthumous account as fiction, as does the young philologist Remy Chaveau. But then Remy is hired to investigate an old enciphered diary which mentions Flamel by name and suggests that the author was close to cracking the mysteries of the alchemist's life. Now, with the help of his mentor Professor Dupont and an adventurer named Stella Morin, Remy begins following the trail recorded in the diary. What he seeks, however, will not come easily, as retracing the footsteps of the diary's deceased writer soon draws him into a world of dark secrets and intrigue.

A first-person slideshow-style adventure, History in Letters will take players through several locations in present-day France, both above ground at sites like Flamel's former home and the cemetery where he's purportedly buried, and below ground in Paris's famed catacombs. Promising a mix of classic point and click adventure elements with more than a dozen puzzles and just a few hidden object collections, the game will feature both real historical facts about Flamel and French history, and include "many interpersonal conflicts" along the way.

If you're eager to get cracking on Flamel's secrets, there's no reason to wait, as History in Letters is available today for PC and Mac on Steam.

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