Playable sampler offers first taste of Sebastian Frank: The Beer Hall Putsch

Fact is due to meet world-altering fiction in indie developer wittyplot’s upcoming point-and-click adventure set in historical Vienna, titled Sebastian Frank: The Beer Hall Putsch.

Set against the political upheavals of the early 20th century between World Wars I and II, the game appears to be a more light-hearted romp through this tense era. Viewed through the eyes of one budding artist, the ultimate goal is to step into the “hotbed of radical political movements” to change history as we know it and stop Germany’s (then-future) Nazi regime from ever rising to power.

While little more is known about the story so far, the developer is offering plenty of insight into this world and its titular protagonist through a playable demo set before the events of the main game. The 20-30 minute hand drawn prologue introduces players to Sebastian Frank as he attempts to gain admission into Vienna’s prestigious Academy of Fine Arts, along with his girlfriend Stephanie Kiss, who also wants to realize her dream of enrolling at the academy, but who must pass herself off as a man due to the social climate of the era.

Pending enough player interest, wittyplot is contemplating a crowdfunding campaign in order to bring the full game to fruition. If the necessary financing can be secured to fulfill their current timeline, we may see the project become fully realized near the end of 2016.

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Sebastian Frank: The Beer Hall Putsch

In the aftermath of WWI, an artist named Sebastian Frank must use his ingenuity to stop Hitler from seizing power in Germany.

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