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Agent A sneaks onto iOS platforms today

With the new 007 movie about to hit theaters, there's no better time for the launch of Agent A: A puzzle in disguise, an iOS exclusive its developers call "The Room meets James Bond."

In this indie puzzler by Yak & co, you are the code-named Agent A. An enemy spy named Ruby La Rouge has been targeting your fellow agents, and you must infiltrate her secret hideaway if you're to put a stop to her nefarious deeds. But beware: both inside and out, her lair is "full of hidden contraptions and clever logic based puzzles. Oh and do be careful, Miss La Rouge has a taste for dismissing agents such as yourself…"

As seen in the screenshots and trailer, Agent A is designed in a "2D illustrative style based on a 1960s", but it is actually created in real-time 3D, which allows panels and objects to open or fully reveal themselves for closer examination as you explore the game's 15 rooms. Along the way you must overcome 30 inventory-based obstacles and 20 distinct puzzles. According to the developers, the puzzles are logic-based, with the aim to "reward the player for being observant and taking mental notes like a good agent would."

If you're up to the challenge, there's no need to wait, as Agent A: A puzzle in disguise is available now at the App Store.

This announcement will self destruct in 5...4...3...2...1...

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