Teaser offers first glimpse of horror adventure The Last Look

With October arriving, 'tis the season for all-things-horror. Along with a slew of new games releasing comes word of another now in production, in the form of ChaosCore's The Last Look.

The Last Look casts players in the first-person role of Alice, who "wakes up in a rundown bathroom" as "strange voices echo through the locked door." The last thing she remembers is attending a company party, and although she didn't drink too much, she has no recollection of she got here. But two things quickly become apparent: "something strange is happening" here and "she is not alone." Questions abound in Alice's mind, like the role of her boss and the identity of a "spooky goth girl teenager", but her most pressing concern is escaping the old building in which she's trapped, solving puzzles and evading a "scary enemy" along the way.


Created with the Unreal Engine 4, The Last Look is a free-roaming survival horror "especially designed for explorer-type gamers." It's cleverly described by its indie developers as "MacGyver meets The Ring", aiming to include both challenging puzzles and tension-inducing stealth elements. Taking cues from such inspirations as Phantasmagoria, Silent Hill, and Fatal Frame, the developers have confirmed that there will be no combat involved, but there will be some "scary hide-and-seek gameplay" along the way.

Currently in production for PC and PS4, with VR support planned but not yet implemented, there is no firm timeline yet for the game's release, but if all goes well we could be seeing The Last Look by next fall.

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The Last Look  2018

Alice wakes up in a rundown bathroom.

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