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Elansar and Philia rediscovered on multiple platforms

If you still have an old Sega Dreamcast system lying around, you might want to blow the dust off it for a couple of bundled first-person adventure games, Elansar and its sequel Philia. Not to worry if you don't, however, as the games are also available on more modern platforms.

Elansar and Philia are related games in which players must explore a remote island, solving puzzles to unlock the island's mysteries. In the first game, you must rescue a woman named Elina, while in the sequel you play as Elina, delving the surreal depths of her subconscious mind in search of her husband, before finally ending up on the same island again. No more has been revealed about the plot, as discovering the details for yourself is the point of the story. Both games are displayed in 640x480 resolution, with Elansar using a Myst-like slideshow format and Philia adding panoramic camera control.

Originally created three years ago by indie developer Orion, specifically with porting to older systems in mind, Elansar and Philia can now be purchased together in a region-free Dreamcast disc bundle directly from the publisher, HUCAST Games. The Dreamcast discs also include Windows, Mac, and Linux versions of each game, though the latter can also be purchased digitally through the developer's website. Both Elansar and Philia are also available for Android devices.

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