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Dome City rounding into form in upcoming sci-fi adventure

Mankind has been busy seeking life on Mars of late, but that search will take on a whole new meaning in the upcoming open world sci-fi adventure Dome City.

Based on István Nemere’s novel The Secret of the Dome City, the game casts players in the multiple roles of three different protagonists who find themselves stranded in the Red Planet's titular domed city that's been abandoned for 100 years. Very few plot details have been revealed so far, as uncovering the mysteries of Dome City represents the bulk of the adventure. What we do know is that this will be a "choice-oriented" game in which players can alter the direction of the story, and even the final outcome.

Dome City is a first-person adventure that gives players plenty of freedom to explore this city where "where nothing is really as it seems." Indie Hungarian developers Overon Station promise "endless possibilities" in roaming and rummaging through the city's many buildings, rooms, and storage compartments. Along the way you'll encounter a variety of "complex and mind-bending" logic puzzles that range in difficulty levels and require "using mathematics, physics, and astronomy skills to solve the mysteries in town whilst trying to survive." As you progress, you'll need to "discover the hidden clues that leads to food, water, energy or let you find spare parts for the new spaceship." There will also be some action sequences sprinkled in, though the developers claim that no shooting is involved.

The current plan for Dome City is to release a single-person adventure first, but the developers are also considering a multiplayer option as well, though the latter will require successful crowdfunding in order to complete. There is currently no firm release date for the game, but if all goes well we could see it released on PC sometime next fall.

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