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Norse-themed tiny & Tall: Gleipnir making tracks for 2016 release

The characters featured in Norse mythology are likely familiar to most: Thor and his hammer Mjolnir; Loki the trickster and his son, Fenrir the wolf; the Valkyries and their horseback rides to the battlefield to carry the dead to Valhalla. But what about the unlikely mortals who get drawn into the gods' exploits? Telling their story is the basis of tiny & Tall: Gleipnir, an upcoming point-and-click adventure game by French comic artist Antoine "pins" Piers.

Adapted from Piers' comic of the same name, tiny & Tall revolves around the two titular characters, blacksmiths who are tasked by the gods to forge a magical chain, Gleipnir, to keep Fenrir from devouring the world. As you’d expect from their names, the protagonists are a study in contrasts: tiny is “a naive, enthusiastic and, well, tiny creature, while Tall is a tyrannical, bombastic yet cowardly character.” Both will be needed, however, as forging the chain won't be a simple matter: it requires gathering a collection of bizarre materials, including the sound of a cat's footfall and the spittle of a bird, among several other unusual items.

Piers promises an "epic adventure with absolutely unepic characters," and it is clear from the tone of his comic that Gleipnir will be a lighthearted tale as well, diverging somewhat from the more serious treatment Norse-inspired stories tend to receive. Players will be tasked with helping the oft-bickering duo in their quest, using mouse-centric controls to guide them through the hand-drawn, third-person environments while solving a variety of puzzles. All the while, they will be under the “malignant and glowing red gaze of Loki, who, as Fenrir's father, does not look kindly on their goal.”

tiny & Tall: Gleipnir has a tentative release window set for early 2016, but in order to reach that goal, a Kickstarter campaign is being planned for next month. PC is the primary development platform, but Mac and Linux releases will also be targeted as Kickstarter stretch goals. Until then, interested gamers learn more about the game through its Facebook page.

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