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Nowhere: Lost Memories to appear on iOS and Ouya this year

Ever feel like you're going nowhere fast? Well, that may just be a possibility for iOS and Ouya gamers, as indie Spanish developer DarkPath Studio is currently working on a first-person mystery adventure, Nowhere: Lost Memories.

While few details about Nowhere's story have been revealed so far, that's because it's up to players to discover it. You don't know who you are, where you are, or why you're here, yet you "feel... sad... like if something terrible had happened..." As the unknown protagonist, you will wake up "alone, lost and trapped in a mysterious place in the middle of nowhere and the only way to escape seems to be moving forward, but... do you really want to know why are you here?"

Nowhere does indeed seem to be aptly named, as an ominous haze shrouds the eerily deserted town in which you find yourself – but is it really deserted? The game's teaser hints of "something dark" behind this place, suggesting that "you are not the only one who has been here before." A more extensive gameplay trailer introduces the game's real-time 3D environments and physics, touch-based iOS controls, and a sampling of the exploration and puzzles involved in discovering the truth about your situation.

There is no definitive launch date yet for Nowhere: Lost Memories, but the game is on track to be completed sometime later this year.

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