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Alida tuning up for iOS port and full sequel

It's been more than a decade since we last heard about Alida, but the first-person puzzler from indie developer Cos Russo is warming up again with an iOS port this summer and a brand new sequel planned for further down the line.

Alida is named after the fictional musical band who created a theme park island in the shape of a giant guitar, the inner machanical workings of which could even be manipulated to play. When the band's success waned as the island neared completion, the four men became distrustful of each other and divided the property, each creating elaborate puzzle systems to protect their own share of the island. Finally, they abandoned the island altogether. Fifteen years later, however, one of the men is reported missing on the island, and it's up to you to travel to Alida, solve its many puzzles, and discover what happened.

The Alida port is currently complete and in the final stages of testing. According to Russo, if all goes as planned, we could see the game launched on the App Store by the beginning of September.

Perhaps the better news is that Russo is already planning ahead for a full-blown sequel. While no dates or details are available yet, and the game will eventually require crowdfunding to succeed, the developer is teasing fans with the following:

    "Juno was besotted with the Bi-Sphere. Ever since the discovery that’s all he could think and talk about. The circular arrangement of the internal Bi-Sphere devices captivated him as they were flouting gravity, seemingly buried in three dimensional space.
    Juno used these devices throughout the Alida island, including the T-Flyers, and began experiments to try and determine the internal mechanics, spending day after day in the Water House. He certainly got a reaction, whether chemical, atomic or beyond what we know, and to this day the Water House experiment persists.
    I wish he had not. The experiment’s bounds are growing steadily and have extended beyond the walls of the Water House and getting more powerful, with the structure of the Alida guitar next in the firing line. We need to stop the entropy, but not knowing what it actually is, it will be difficult. Do we stop it with an equal force of energy? How will we amass the energy we need and how do we focus it on the entropy? Will the Bi-Sphere itself provide the answers?
    I’ve alerted Juno of the situation.” -Arin

To learn more about the iOS port and upcoming Alida 2, be sure to check out the series' official website.

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