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Infamous Quests herald two new adventures for late 2015

The creators of Quest for Infamy clearly haven't been resting on their infamous laurels of late, as not one but two new adventures have just been announced, including a prequel called Roehm to Ruin and a new anthology called Order of the Thorne.


Quest for Infamy: Roehm to Ruin

Last year's Quest for Infamy picked up the tale of the rogueish Mister Roehm after he escaped the castle of an enraged Baron. But what did he do to inspire such wrath? That's a story for the prequel, in which Roehm, "after hearing of an illustrious gathering of many wealthy and rich individuals at the Baron’s castle... decides to crash the party and try to swindle a few valuables and goodies for himself." Naturally Roehm's plans go awry, and as the new game reveals, he "ends up getting more than he bargained for."

While Roehm to Ruin shares its predecessor's hand-painted, low-res pixel art style, there are a number of key differences this time around. Gone is the combat that made up the RPG part of the hybrid gameplay originally. The much shorter prequel promises to be a classic-styled, puzzle-oriented adventure with "witty dialogue, fun puzzles and alternative solutions." There will also be hidden objects to find, though not in the sense of the seek-and-find casual games, but rather that "each screen will feature secrets and objects and the more you uncover, the better your high score will at the end of the game, resulting in different rewards and achievements."

Currently in development for Windows, Mac, and Linux, Quest for Infamy: Roehm to Ruin is expected out sometime late this year.


Order of the Thorne: The King’s Challenge

Not content with one new game, or even one series, Infamous Quests also plans to start a new "anthology" of adventures entitled Order of the Thorne. In the first episode, The King’s Challenge, the King of the fantasy realm of Uir issues a challenge for all those brave enough to accept it. The quest: to find and return his missing Queen. The reward: one wish granted. The proclamation inspired many champions to take up the cause, but the news also reached "even the dusty old corners of an Inn in the neighboring kingdom of Rosette. Finn the Bard, young and headstrong, packed his lute, his songbook and dressed in his travel clothes for the journey to the Fairy Realm."

As a "brave and cunning songsmith" rather than a noble knight or powerful mage, you will need to use your wit and musical ability to succeed. Your most important possession is your lute, which allows you to "perform musical songs to solve puzzles and complete tasks." Like the developer's other games, the new series will feature the same retro design aesthetic, but promises to include an original soundtrack and fully voiced characters.

Currently in production for Windows, Mac, and Linux as well as Android devices, there is no firm timeline for the release of The King’s Challenge just yet, but the new series is set to debut sometime before the end of 2015.


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