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Black Island open to visitors this spring

What if one day you awoke to find yourself alone on an island, with no memories of how you arrived there? That is the basic premise of Helsinki Noir's upcoming game, Black Island, a 2D first-person adventure that aims to meld cinematic storytelling with gameplay inspired by classic titles like Myst.

In Black Island, your solitary exploration uncovers signs of recent habitation, as though everyone left quickly. Your memories slowly come back to you in flashes that both disturb and intrigue you, offering clues about who you are and why you find yourself in this strange place as you attempt to find a way off the island.

An early teaser provides a glimpse of the live-action videos that will gradually reveal the main character's memories, while an additional gameplay clip and screenshots show off the slideshow-style graphics composed of heavily-photoshopped images of locations around the developer's native Finland.

The game is slated to arrive on Android and iOS devices this spring, though a release on PC and Mac is also possible if the game is successfully Greenlit on Steam . For more information, interested gamers can keep up to date through Black Island's official website.

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