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Episodic Mirrored reflected in early trailer and story details

Being an identical twin could have its perks in an adventure game, but it could also lead to danger if your sibling is in trouble and pleads for your help before suddenly disappearing. That is the premise of Mirrored, an upcoming episodic mystery series from indie developers Ozan Civit and Cardboard Sword.

Mirrored casts players in the role of a man named Rob, who gets a phone call from his twin brother Nick, an anthropologist he hasn't seen for several years. Making out only garbled words like "they're coming", Rob rushes to his brother's office. But Nick is already gone, and now it's up to you to "reveal the truth about his dark connections and conspiracies weaved around you." As you begin to unravel the "enigma of the green mask", you must investigate your brother's connection to the theoretical physicist Dr. Richard Hudson and stay a step ahead of the secret operatives that are trying to track you down.

The series will consist of three individual episodes, each containing motion comic-style cinematics and a single first-person setting that can be explored thoroughly by rotating the camera 360-degrees around you. Accompanied by an original soundtrack, each installment should offer 45-75 minutes worth of investigative gameplay, including item collection and a variety of story-driven puzzles.

Mirrored was originally planned only for iOS platforms, but now the developers have set their sights on a PC/Mac version as well, for which they've launched a Steam Greenlight page. The first chapter is scheduled for release on iPhone and iPad this March, with the final two episodes to be completed before year's end. There is currently no firm launch date set for the debut PC/Mac port, but if all goes well we could be seeing it by the third quarter of 2015.

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