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Horror comes out of Seclusion: Islesbury later this year

While we're still waiting on the first full adventure to make use of Senscape's Dagon engine, now we can look forward to another in the form of Seclusion: Islesbury.

Seclusion stars Jason Endel, a detective whose wife disappeared nine years earlier, only to turn up dead in a car crash five years later. Still tormented by this unsolved mystery, Endel heads to the nearly deserted town of Islesbury when his wife's name is referenced in newly discovered clues to a murder investigation. For Jason this is "more than a murder case, it's a chance to come to terms with his wife's death and to make his life bearable again." But closure won't be easy in this "town with an infamous past", as there will be "a lot more to this journey then simply solving the secrets behind a few murders. Things are always worse than they seem to be in this world."

Much like Asylum, Seclusion will be a first-person, node-based adventure that allows 360-degree panning at each realistically detailed stop, which range from "desolate apartments to lonely streets, dark woods to dangerous cliffs, and more." Created by small Turkish developer Silent Game House, the game's fictional town was largely inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's New England settings, and though no timeline is specified, events occur before the spread of mobile phone technology, an important detail in emphasizing the protagonist's loneliness in Islesbury.

There is no firm release date scheduled yet for Seclusion: Islesbury, but if all goes well we could see the game launched sometime this summer. In the meantime, keep your eye on the official website for more information.

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Looks great! I love the detailed graphics and the dark atmosphere.
Also the game is being made with Dagon, an engine with a great potential.

Feb 8, 2015
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