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Crowdfunding campaign unfurled for Papetura

Most adventure game designs begin on paper, but rarely is paper the primary component of the finished product. That's what sets Papetura apart, as the new point-and-click adventure from indie Polish developer Petums is made entirely of paper. It's also seeking a little special paper of its own through an Indiegogo fundraising campaign.

The title is a blend of the two protagonists' names, as players assist Pape in looking after his little friend Tura. Their world of paper is brought to life when touched by light, but there are many "hidden mysteries waiting to reveal themselves, covered with paper-darkness." Among the many challenges will be "monsters in the darkness waiting for you with different intentions. During the journey, a bird covered with flames awoken by the light will cross your path. You’ll soon find out that the purpose of your journey is not only to survive, but also to save the world from the devastating power coming from the fire of a merciless creature."

Inspired by adventure classics like The Neverhood and Machinarium, as well as the animated films of Studio Ghibli, Papetura is a wordless journey through a magical world filled with "a considerable amount" of environmental puzzles to solve, as well as minigames fashioned in the same style. Every element along the way is made of paper, including the water! The game's trailer offers a glimpse behind the scenes into the transformation process, but there's no need to stop there, as you can play a short demo already. In this brief introductory sampler, Pape and Tura have been swallowed by a monster, and must outwit a lurking tapeworm to escape.

In order to make Papetura a reality, Petums have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $13,000 by February 28th. A minimum $9 pledge is all that's required for a DRM-free download of the game on PC or Mac (iPad, Android and Linux versions are also possible if stretch goals are met). If all goes well, we should be seeing the finished game in the third quarter of 2016.

To learn more about Papetura, including a more in-depth making-of trailer, visit the game's Indiegogo page for complete details. As well as backing the game financially, you can also vote for it through Steam Greenlight.

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