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Sci-fi mystery leads to Murder later this year

Peter Moorhead, the force behind 2014’s sci-fi mystery Stranded, is preparing an all-new treat for fans of cyber-noir storytelling. The upcoming Murder is a retro science fiction story, this time dealing with themes of morality in the face of technological evolution.

Set in a futuristic Japan, players follow Lieutenant Motomeru Minori, an officer with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, assigned to investigate the murder of a human at the hands of a machine. The case quickly turns into a dangerous one, in what the developer himself describes as a mostly interactive story. While eschewing traditional puzzles in favor of narrative, Moorhead is aiming to make use of environmental exposition, letting the player piece together the majority of the story through exploration of the surroundings, and perhaps even a meta-narrative for replay value for dedicated players.

Without a firm release date announced as of yet, Moorhead has his eyes on completing the game sometime “before the end of the year.” Murder is slated for release on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Details on Murder

Adventure games by Peter Moorhead

Murder  2015

Murder is a short story about the intersection of morality and sentience, in a future where both have become commodities.

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