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Horror-adventure Missing appears on the horizon

As many of us shiver through the cold, dark winter months, we can start looking ahead to Missing from indie Italian developer LetsPlay, a new horror-adventure set in the cold, dark winter of 1973.

Missing casts players in the first-person role of a Private Detective named John Moore. When you receive a request for help from someone in "a little town in the middle of nowhere", you hop aboard the next train out. When you arrive at your destination, however, you soon realize that something is very wrong, as "there isn't a living soul out there...everyone has disappeared." Everyone... but not necessarily everything. Relying only on "instinct and reason [to] resolve some complicated situations and lead you to the truth," you must also contend with something continually stalking you – something that wants you dead.

A free-roaming 3D adventure, Missing promises to tell its "disturbing story" through a variety of diary entries left behind, so thorough exploration will be required to fully flesh out the town's background. Puzzles will be directly linked to the plot and complex enough to provide a challenge without involving abstact item combinations to proceed. Though the danger is very real, as you will be able to die at times, encounters with a deadly creature will be reserved for specific circumstances throughout the game, leaving you largely free to explore at your leisure without constantly looking over your shoulder.

There is no firm timetable yet for the release of Missing, but LetsPlay are hoping to complete the game for PC sometime this year.

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