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else Heart.Break() beating path to first-half 2015 release

One of the key things that makes humans different from computers is our ability to love, but with that ability comes the danger of being hurt. This is one of the themes explored in the upcoming else Heart.Break(), a "game about friendship, love and technology in a place where bits have replaced atoms."

The point-and-click adventure centers around a young man named Sebastian, who moves far from home to the city of Dorisburg for his first job, ready to "start his adult life and figure out who he really wants to be." There among a "strange collection of people, hackers and activists he finds some true friends – perhaps even love. But can they stop the terrible deeds of the people ruling the city? And who will get their heart broken in the end?"

else Heart.Break() promises an "expansive 3D world" to explore, as revealed in the early screenshots and trailer. The "meticulously simulated" city of Dorisburg is populated by dynamic characters and many objects that you can interact with, but rather than provide a linear story full of puzzles, the game will be "primarily about exploration and talking to people", with puzzles based more on "information and knowledge, rather than combinations of items". Players will find a "laid-back experience where you can just go to the café and have a coffee whenever things get too hectic", but you must be careful what you do and say, as "your actions matter and nothing can ever be unsaid or undone." As you progress, you will gain the ability to "alter the code of the game" that will enable you to "dig deeper in the mysteries of the game world."

There is currently no firm release date for else Heart.Break(), but the developers are hoping to complete the game sometime in the first half of this year for PC, Mac, and "probably" Linux platforms. In the meantime, keep your eye on the game's official website for more details.

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