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Psychological horror Under that Rain lands on Indiegogo

The Last Door proved that retro graphics can still be effective in creating moody psychological atmosphere, and now indie Italian developer Bad Tale Studios are following suit with Under that Rain, which is now raising funds through Indiegogo.

Under that Rain stars Parisian social worker Andrè Lacroix, who is reviewing his last case of the day just as the rain begins to fall outside. The file is about an orphan named Alexander Lucien Lazarius, a suspected child abuse victim now in the custody of his aunt in a manor just outside town. Andrè becomes obsessed with Alexander's case, and despite the dreary weather he decides to drive to the child's new home in search of answers. Upon his arrvival, he quickly comes to understand that "he was right to be worried. The child was missing and the people at the manor house were acting as if they had something to hide." As Andrè begins to investigate the "horrible facts" about the house, he is "overwhelmed by a strange kind of nostalgia mixed with a horrible form of oppression", and soon realizes that "nothing is as it seems and that sometimes the worst atrocities [can] be made even worse."

Exploring themes like "love, hate, fear and vengeance", Under that Rain aims to probe the darkest corners of the human soul, confronting players with crucial questions about who we are, whether we're cowards or heroes, and what we are willing to do to survive. The game promises to "bring to life unimaginable and repulsive horrors" using a combination of old-school point-and-click adventure fare with more modern features like Quick Time Events that will challenge "not only your best deductive skills but also your speed." All this will be presented in a distinctive pixel art style seen in the early screenshots and trailer.

In order to make this game a reality, Bad Tale is currently seeking €15,000 through a fixed funding Indiegogo campaign by March 9th. A minimum €10 pledge will earn backers a free download of the game for Windows, Mac, or Linux upon completion, which is tentatively scheduled as early as October. To learn more and/or donate to the campaign, visit the Indiegogo page for complete details, as well as the Greenlight page if you'd like to see the finished game released on Steam.

Details on Under That Rain: Episode One

Adventure games by BadTale Studios

Under That Rain: Episode One  2017

Andrè Lacroix, a social worker from Paris, becomes obsessed with an orphan given to his aunt, who lives in a manor house outside the town.

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