Animation Arts to erect a Monolith in 2015

Animation Arts has kept their games fairly close to home so far, but now the creator of Lost Horizon and the Secret Files series is turning their sights to outer space for their upcoming sci-fi adventure, Monolith.

Monolith casts players in the role of astronaut Nolan Carter, who awakens from cryosleep to find that his damaged ship has crash landed on a planet in the outer sector. In order to survive, Carter decides to follow a mysterious pulsating signal, hoping to find help at its source. But what he discovers causes him to question not only everything he believes, but his very sanity as well.

As seen in the early screenshots, Monolith featues hand-drawn, cel-shaded graphics inspired by the likes of genre classics such as The Dig and Beneath a Steel Sky, combining 2D backgrounds with 3D characters. Though promising 50 distinct scenes to explore, this will not be a long game, projected to offer between 4-5 hours of traditional adventure gameplay.

There is currently no firm release date for Monolith, but the game is being developed for Windows, iOS and Android devices and is expected to be released in the second quarter of 2015.

Details on Monolith

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