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Johnny Rocketfingers 3 reaches for crowdfunding

The first two times were free, but this time it's gonna cost ya'. At least, that's the hope for indie developer Ryan Khatam, who is seeking crowdfunding through Kickstarter for an episodic Johnny Rocketfingers 3.

Johnny Rocketfingers is anything but a traditional hero. For one thing, he's a stick man. He's also lewd, crude boozer, and a violent drug addict. His third outing will take Johnny far from his "slummy apartment" as he awakens on his back amidst a "nightmarish alien landscape." With no idea how or why he got there, feeling "dazed and confused, he pulls himself upward, deciding to explore this strange and certainly dangerous new territory." In order to find answers in the hope of returning home (such as it is), Johnny must contend with "natural obstacles such as chasms, giant bones, fallen rocks and large bodies of water" as well as "vicious otherworldly creatures" like sea serpents, extraterrestrial cannibal tribesmen, and giant blood leeches in the ground.

Johnny first arrived on the scene in 2003 in a free black-and-white, browser-based Flash adventure, followed by a sequel with "a grander story and tougher puzzles" in 2006, although not with much more colour. The new game will certainly change the latter, promising vivid colours in the same gritty hand-drawn style of its predecessors. Khatam is nothing if not confident about his ambitions, describing the game as a mix of "the quality of storytelling, puzzles and humor of Monkey Island infused with the grittiness and cinematic stylishness of Scorsese and Tarantino movies (and) with the high-end animation quality of Anime Films and 1940s Cartoons."

Described as a "point-and-click adventure game on steroids", Johnny Rocketfingers 3 promises to be "packed with so many cutscenes that it plays like an animated film", and yet in between it will play like a traditional adventure spent "exploring environments, picking up objects and solving puzzles." But there are dangers in this world, so Johnny can and likely will die often, though the game will simply restore you just before the fateful moment.

All this animation is going to be costly, which is why Khatam is seeking $88,000 by January 19th through Kickstarter. This will cover just the first of five planned episodes, each consisting of approximately three hours of gameplay. Backers can scoop a copy of the episode for as little as $17 for a limited time, after which the price goes up to $20. The game is being developed for PC, Mac, and Linux, with possible ports to iOS and Android devices possible thanks to the game's Unity engine.

To learn more about Johnny Rocketfingers 3, check out the Kickstarter page for complete details. To get a feel for the series and its very adult themes, you can still play Johnny Rocketfingers 1 and Johnny Rocketfingers 2 online at Newgrounds.

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