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Sci-fi comedy A Little Less Desperation draws a lot more attention

If recent adventure games have left you feeling desperate, Deaf Bird Entertainment hopes to have the cure for your blues, as the German indie developers have announced their space-themed comedy adventure, A Little Less Desperation.

Fulfilling the need for a hero in a world in short supply of them is Jacob, a vegetable farmer who falls into the role of savior when he witnesses a UFO crash land on Earth and decides to help the little alien on board get back to his home planet. The alien, Harold, is in fact a fugitive running from interstellar law, and soon Jacob becomes embroiled with a spacefaring bounty huntress, who whisks both him and Harold away toward the stars. There Jacob “comes into the firing line of a mighty and evil robot” and must face a perilous (but hilarious) future.

Featuring a hand-drawn, high-resolution look, A Little Less Desperation promises to be full of humor and classic point-and-click gameplay. Jacob won’t be able to die or get stuck on his quest, though the developers do warn that some of the puzzles will be quite challenging at times. The game will also feature more than 60 scenes to explore and a variety of “wacky” characters. In fact, the developers revel in the freedom to be as offbeat as they want, promising “an odd game with the cranky feel of real handicraft.”

Slated to launch for both PC and Mac, A Little Less Desperation will come with dual language English/German voiceovers, and feature a 5-7 hour experience. Oh yeah, and there’s Elvis: according to an enigmatic nugget of information on the official website, The King is due a cameo appearance in outer space sometime in the foreseeable future! There is currently no firm release date, but a tech demo is planned for early next year.

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