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Alien abduction mystery travels from Kickstarter To Azimuth

What Kentucky Route Zero did for the Bluegrass State, now indie developers [bracket]games are hoping to do for Alabama with To Azimuth, currently in the home stretch (and sorely needing support) on Kickstarter.

To Azimuth is described as an "alien abduction mystery set in 1970s Alabama." The game puts players in the dual roles of siblings Nate and Susannah Windham as they search for their brother Eli, who has mysteriously disappeared. As they begin to investigate, the two "find evidence that Eli may have been taken by extraterrestrials, pulling them into a narrative involving governmental agencies, truth control, and conspiracy theories, while also examining Eli's history with drug and alcohol abuse following his return from serving in Vietnam."

The developers refer to the project as an "adventure game at heart, involving a good bit of exploring environments and finding information and clues, but with a heavy focus on narrative and decision-making by players." Rather than simply alternating between characters, the game will offer "two separate, but intertwining, single-player campaigns." Meaningful player decisions affect both the story and the characters themselves, and "decisions made in a playthrough as Nate can be imported into a playthrough as Susannah and vice versa." Though puzzle-solving won't be the primary focus, you can also expect to encounter environmental puzzles based in real-world logic along the way.

The developers are hoping to complete the game for Windows, Mac, and Linux as early as September 2015, but in order to do so they'll need a groundswell of last-minute support for their Kickstarter campaign. The goal is a modest $20,000, but with only five days to go as of writing, the campaign is in jeopardy of missing its target. For those interested in supporting the game, a minimum $10 pledge will get you a digital copy upon completion.

To learn more about To Azimuth, visit the Kickstarter page for complete details. You can also vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.

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